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MENDEL International Journal

  • ISSN 0970 - 9649
  • Volume : 33 (1-2)
  • JUNE. - DEC. - 2016
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    Effect of salt stress on seed germination and seedling growth of Trigonella foenum-graecum
    Ritu Gupta
    Morphological Divergence Visualized through the Qualitative and Quantitave Attributes within Vicia faba.
    Dhananjay Prasad Mishra
    Cryptosporidiosis-An Emerging Zoonosis
    Anup Kumar Tewari and Sauvik Paul
    Interaction between Heterodera cajani and Rhizobium japonicum on Cajanus cajan
    Poonam Meena, Sampat Nehra and P.C. Trivedi
    Ecofriendly Environmental Dynamics of House Dust Mites and Their Role in Manifestation of Allergy, Diagnosis and Therapy
    DR. S. B. Jogdand
    Evolutionary Pattern and Chemical Divergence within Vicia faba
    Dhananjay Prasad Mishra
    Algal Diversity Index with Reference to Brahmsarowar Pond, Gaya
    S. M. Shakil Ahmad and Sumayya Sheikh
    Aerobiology to Astrobiology (Special Lecture :16th National Conference of Indian Aerobiological Society, Davangere : Nov 2010 )
    Prof. S.T. Tilak
    Cytological Studies in Astercantha longifolia L. Syn. Hygrophila spinosa T. Anders.
    S. Sharan, A. K. Singh and S. S. Sharma
    Chromosomal Mosaic and Variable Microsporocytes in the Cultivars of Antirrhinum majus L.
    Maheshwar Prasad Trivedi
    A Journey from Aerobiology to Aeroacraology, Prof T. Sreeramulu Oration Lecture, 19th NCIAS-2016 Bose Institute, Kolkata (10th December, 2016)
    DR. S. B. Jogdand
    Relative Impact of Species Diversities on the EGG Behaviour of Four Different Types of Tasar Producing Insects Under Different Conditions
    Prashant Kumar
    Biodiversity Study of the Genus Luffa (Cucurbitaceae)
    S.K. Trivedi
    Aerobiology in North-East India in the Context of Epidemiology and Forecasting for Fungal Diseases of Major Crop Plants
    N. Irabanta Singh
    A Report on the 12th Conference of Mendelian Society of India
    A.K. Sinha
    Herbal Drugs and Phytodiversity Conservation
    P. C. Trivedi
    Achievements Attained and Awards & Honours Received by Office Bearers
    and other Life Members of Mendelian Society of India During 2016
    Book Review