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MENDEL International Journal

  • ISSN 0970 - 9649
  • Volume : 31 (3-4)
  • SEPT. - DEC. - 2014
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    Physiochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Sida cordifilio L.
    Narendra Chaudhary and P.C. Trivedy
    Biosystematic studies in Martynia annua Linn.
    Priyanka SInha
    Ethno-Botanical Aspects of Zingiber offcinale Rosc.
    Shambhu Kr. Gupta, Rohit Sharma, Rahul Sharma, S.K. Pandey
    Nutrition and Life Style of cancer patients
    Vijay Shree Prasad and Seema Dey
    Effect of Different Growth Regulators on in vitro Multiplication of Plumbago zeylamica Lynn
    Amrita, I.N. Mishra and Sandhya Jha
    Biodeteriogens and Allergens in the Ambient Air of Bharati Printing Press, Pune
    Jogdand Sudam Badurao
    Meiotic Studies in Three Populations of Linderbergia urticafolio from Dhanbad Town
    Amit Kumar Singh
    Antibacterial Evalutions of Aqueous Extract of Aerial Parts of Euphorbia birta L. against Escbericbia coli and Stapbylocous aureus
    Indu Kumari
    Gender Difference in Temperamental Dimentions of Children
    Veena Shahi, S. Balda and Shilpa kaushal
    Study on Physio-Chemical Characteristics of Flowing Water of Ganga River at Mokamah
    Narendra Prasad Roy
    Comparative Analysis of Potable Water Quality of Paharia and Non-Paharia Villages of Santhal Pargana, Jharkhand
    Rajendra pandey, Uma Bharti, P.K. Gupta, Gaurav Kumar, R.K. Nirala, Bipin Bihari
    and Satyamurti Jha
    A Two Year Study of Bronchial Asthma Aerobiology at Hajipur, Bihar (India)
    Om Prakash and M. Roy
    Macrophytes of Wetlands of Purulia District (Webst Bengal) and Their Ethnobotanical Uses
    Taposhi Hazra and P.K. Mishraa
    Ground Water Quality Assessment of Jharkhand Coal Fields
    Anil Kumar Vipul Suman and Kumari Anjali
    Compensatory metabolic regulation to thermal stress in some fresh water fishes
    Madhuri Dayal
    Positive Psychology : Stress and Coping
    Shilpa Kaushal and Veena Shahi