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MENDEL International Journal

  • ISSN 0970 - 9649
  • Volume : 30 (1-4)
  • JAN, JUNE, SEPT. & DEC. - 2013
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    Morphometric Variations Observed in two Species of Genus Vanda Gaud.
    Ex Pfizer using SEM

    Sanghamitra R. Matil & M.S. Mulgaonkar
    Studies on the Range of Diversity vis-a-vis Inter-Relationships amongst Medicago L. Species using Morphological Traits from Fruits and Seeds.
    Vinita Smriti and S.N. Sharma
    Biological Data management in Modern Research
    R.P. Upadhyay and Rakesh Ranjan
    Report of mango Bacterial Canker Disease (MBCD) from Marathwada Region of Maharashtra
    B.T. Pawar and B.D. Pandit
    Growth Performance of Tree Species after Sixteen years of Plantations in Monoculture on Coal Mine Spoil
    Brajesh Kumar Singh and A.K. Jha
    Assesment of Genetic Relationship among Rauvolfia serpentina and Rauvolfia tetraphylla using restriction endonuclease, RAPD PCR and Morphological Characters
    Runa Rashmi and Maheshwar Prasad Trivedi
    A study on the Distribution of Phytoplankton in the River Sengar, In District Etawah (U.P.)
    Roop Kishore, Kaushal Kishor and K.K. Saxena
    A Survey of Ethnoflora of Pharkiya Region of Kosi Belt
    S.C.R. Chandel, R.P. Upadhyay and Umesh Kumar
    Heavy Metal Analysis of Soils and Sludges of Contaminated and Uncontaminated Zones around Patna, Bihar (India)
    Ram Bali Singh and Rabindra Kumar
    Study of Rhizosphere, Non-Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane Mycoflora at Different Stages of Vicia faba L.
    Mahesh Babu and N.B. Khan
    Hybridization and Male Sterlity in Rice
    Shyam Deo Mehta and R.K. Mandal
    Study of Eco-Friendly Mangement of Fungal Bioagents against Selected Phytopathogens
    Ranjeet Kumar Gupta and Shahnaz Jamil
    Performance of Non-leguminous Tree Species in Combination with Leguminous Tree Species Albizia lebbeck and Albizia procera on Coal Mine Spoil
    Brajesh Kumar Singh and A.K Jha
    Depression and Life Satisfaction of Diabetic patients in Ranchi District
    Meenakshi Akhouri and Sanjay Kumar Sinha
    Ethnobotanical Study of Family Euphorbiaceae
    Shahzad Ahmad Sulaiman
    Synthesis of Complexes of Cu (II) cations with the Ligand of α-(P-Nitrobenzylidine) Imino Aceto Hyddoxamic Acid
    Dushyant Kumar
    Gloriosa superba Linn. (Liliaceae) - A Pharmacological Review
    Rohit Sharma, Shilpi Kiran and S.K. Pandey
    Some Contributor of Operator Theory
    T.N. Singh, Anil Kumar Singh, Anant Shekhar Pandit and Ashok Kumar
    Ethno-Botanical Plants used by the Traditional Healers of Buxar District, Bihar (India)
    Upendra Kishore Sinha, Piyush Kumar Rai and Prerna Priyanka
    The Realtives Studies of Neurosecretion in Corpora cardiaca of Chrysocoris stolli (Heteroptera)
    Anju Kumar and S.M.M. Hassan
    Seed Dormancy and Spectrum of Ecological Adaptability
    M.P. Trivedi and U.K. Sinha
    Effect of Thiourea on Germination Potential of Some Wild Legumes
    Meena Kumari, M.P. Trivedi and Punam Sinha